Organizational Structure

SIRD is an autonomous organization of the Government of Meghalaya. The general supervision of SIRD Meghalaya vests with the General Council (GC). The terms of office of members in the General Council are for a period of three years. In absence of the chairman, the vice chairman is nominated to preside over the General Council meetings. The General Council is expected to meet at least twice a year. The General Council exercises overall control and provides policy guidance besides electing and nominating members to the Executive Council.It grants approvals of the annual budget drawn up by the Executive Council, nominate the auditors, consider the annual report prepared by the executive council, and the balance sheet and audited accounts for the outgoing year besides ratifying amendments to the rules and regulations of the institute. The General Council frames with the approval of the government the by-laws for the regulation of the business of the institute, preparation and approval of the budget estimates, sanction of expenditure, re-appropriation of funds, execution of contracts, investment of funds of the Institute, appointment and others. Subject to the overall control and guidance of the General Council, the Executive Council is responsible for monitoring and guiding the actual implementation of matters in accordance with the rules and by-laws listed in the memorandum of association (MoA).

The Director of SIRD is appointed by the Government of Meghalaya and is the administrative head. He/She exercises powers under the direction of the Executive Council. The faculty, administrative, accounts and technical Branch assist the Director. The detailed administrative structure and staffing pattern is given below

Staff Information

Organisational Chart

Faculty and Administration

Sl no

Name & Designation

Date of Joining

Qualification /Area of specialization


Mr Aldous Mawlong, MCS,
State Institute of Rural Development

30 July 2009

BCom, MBA (Manchester University)


Ms. G. S. Lyndem
Principal and Programme Director
Extension Training Centre

18 January 1993

BA, MA (Economics) MPhil, LLB

Specialises in regional  planning and RD programmes


Dr. A. P Jyrwa
Programme Director

30 June1994

BCom, BEd, MSW (URCD), MPhil, PhD

Specialises in institution building, community organization,self employment programmes, micro finance and research


Mr. B. S. Rumnong
Programme Director

30 March 1996

BSc MSc (Agri) Agricultural Economics and Farm Management Specialises in watershed development, and agriculture marketing


Ms. A Dohling
Assistant Programme Director

7 November 2002

BA, MA (Geography), M. Phil

Specialises in watershed development, training skills and methodology


Mr. Arpiyush Ch Marak
Assistant Programme Director

27 October 2008

MSc (RDAP) Rural Development and agricultural Production


Mr. Francis Ch Sangma
Assistant Programme Director

6 January 2009

MSc (RDAP) Rural Development and Agricultural Production


Embelish Lyngdoh
Assistant Programme Director
Extension Training Centre

27 October 2008

MSc (RDAP) Rural Development and Agricultural Production


Ms. Loretta Nongbri
Computer Programmer

16 March 2009

B.E (Computer science and Engineering)



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